Our history

The QSDM products from Medetec AB are from the beginning developed by the company ABB(ASEA Brown Bowery). The first generation was put to market in the early 60s and has since been developed into the products they are today. In the early 00s ABB decided to refine their business, and the metal detection unit was sold.

This resulted in the birth of Medetec AB.


Medetec today

Since 2004 Medetec has worked as an own company with our own production of metal detectors. Focus is on industries with rough environments. We are located in Jönköping in the south of Sweden.

Since about ten years Medetec has collaborated with one of the biggest manufacturers of metal detectors in Europe. They have a big product portfolio and a focus on research and development. This has made Medetec AB to a complete supplier of metal detectors for a wide range of industries.